Monday, July 27, 2009

ER's Mom in the ER

I have passed a parenting milestone, of sorts. The first broken bone.

Poor little man, howling loudly. My last name is very unusual, so as soon as I signed him in, the question was asked :Are you Dr. Last Name?

sigh. Yes.

I don't like pulling strings, but this time was nice in that we were whisked back quickly. Of course the 250+ decibel, inconsolable crying probably helped too. I noticed the door to the bay we were in was shut also. The boy's lungs were displaying their considerable power. ;)

I'm thinking we just hit our deductible, between the XRays, ER visit, and casting. Plus the f/u appointment today with the peds doc. Who was laughing at me.

The boy now has another doctor to add to the list of ones he doesn't like. The ER doc for trying to examine his arm, his peds doc for giving him least he still likes me. ;)


Grumpy, M.D. said...

I've had the usual trips to ER with my tribe. 1 broken arm, 1 case of cellulitis, and the occasional stitches.

I don't point out who I am, but am glad that it seems to get me some priority.

The Bus Driver said...

poor kid.. a broken arm is no fun! AND shots.. just add insult to injury lol!

rlbates said...

Hope he heals quickly (and has a great story to tell in the future).

ER's Mom said...

He's already chipper again...APAP with codeine may have something to do with that. ;)

It stinks being on the other end of the doctoring bit.