Sunday, March 13, 2011

Another one

just walked in.

Shoot me now. PLEASE?


Anonymous said...

New Zealand has had some crazy birth records over the last few months...obviously there was something (or nothing??!) going on 9 months or so ago to get all these deliveries at once! In late December staff delivered *"a record 24 babies in 24 hours" (at our local hospital). "The 10 boys and 14 girls arrived at a rate of about one an hour..." (Which for an average sized maternity wing is quite a lot!) "Nursing midwife manager described it as a "very crazy" shift. "We all thought it was busy. We certainly knew the next day when we had no linen.
"There was a very quick turnaround in the delivery room. Some parts of the day were very touch-and-go. Women were in labour and we thought we were going to have to deliver in an antenatal assessment area rather than a delivery room.
"We just rallied around to do things that we needed to do to help each other and it all worked out." (*"* all quoted in our local newspaper)
Staff have been double shifting and virtually living at the hospital I think to cater for the last few months craziness, I'm not L&D but there is something in the water here for sure! I hope it all calms down for you soon!!
xx Kiwi Nurse xx

Grumpy, M.D. said...

An attending of mine used to say "It's not busy! It's profitable!"

I repeat that to myself on bad call weekends.

That and "Just keep swimming."

Anonymous said...

I felt so bad for the OB that delivered my second. The on call doc had delivered just about every baby on the floor that weekend. I just know that poor man had gone home thinking nobody was in labor so he was free and clear and done with an exhausting weekend. I showed up at the L&D desk at 6:00 on Monday morning-fully dialated and effaced-very easy, very fast labor, I had no idea I was that far along. Then I had the nerve to comment 1. "that's not my doctor" and 2. "can I push now?" as the poor guy was struggling to put on his catching gear. Two pushes later baby was there. He was so nice and did a great job sewing up the small tear I had. At least it was over quickly so that he could get to his office on time! I'm so thankful for all of you hardworking doctors out there!