Sunday, March 13, 2011

Call gods

Are extremely angry at me right now...I'm thinking of offering up my first-born to try to appease them.

L&D is still hopping...I'm in double digits for weekend deliveries now.

ER has me on speed-dial.

Having my car parked (and since it's a small town, all of the L&D nurses know all of the docs' cars) with flashers on at the hospital entrance this a.m. was not a good way to greet the incoming day shift nurses.

Night shift did not appreciate seeing me in surgical hat and booties when they walked in this evening.

I sign out tomorrow at 5 p.m. THANK GOD this was "spring ahead" weekend...


Future OB/GYN said...

How many deliveries does your hospital do per year?

ER's Mom said...

Around 1100 per year. I personally do about 250-275.