Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Fuck you ABOG and ACOG

I paid $695 for the pleasure of recertifying my board status. It's called Maintenance of Certification, and for OB-Gyns, we have to read a shitload of articles and then answer questions on each one. And we get to do chart review of our charts to ensure that we're doing things according to standards (this part I actually think is a good idea). And THEN we get to read some horseshit article on communication and answer more questions.

But do they give us the articles for free? Oh FUCK NO!!!!!! They want to charge ~$30 per article times 15 articles. Other, enterprising hucksters will sell you hard copies for only $200 for all of them. (hey, they only need 3-4 of us to buy from them to make a profit!) I'm starting to get those postcards in the mail.

Times like this I'm glad hubby works at a university - I use his account to access the library and get the articles for free.


Your Doctor's Wife said...

That is completely ridiculous!!! They should be reported to someone.. for something... Seriously.

ER's Mom said...

In fairness, if you are an ACOG member (which I am not...I don't see the point) you can access the articles for free.

Blackmail to join ACOG. I'm not playing that game.

Liana said...

But tell me how you really feel... ;)

My personal beef is having to do a CPR course every single year. Can you say cash grab? With every year that passes, I begrudge those lost 5 hours more and more.

ER's Mom said...

Of course it's a cash grab. My CPR class is in about 3 weeks too. ;) I have used CPR once. I hope never to need to use it again.