Saturday, September 28, 2013

More on physicality of our job

In my previous hospital, I would occasionally have a nurse practioner student shadow me. Many of them were RNs who worked at this hospital and arranged their rotations with assorted docs there. I was popular for the OB/GYN portion.

Anyhow, one week one of them saw my surgery day - multiple laparoscopies, a vag hyst. Next day, she witnessed a vacuum assisted delivery. Also that week was a section on a very large woman. Now, people think of surgery as this delicate, precise thing. And many times it is. But shoving a port in during a scope takes some muscle. Sucking out a baby takes muscle. And entering the abdomen in a section is neither delicate nor easy. Basically, you and the assist put your hands in and pull AS HARD AS YOU CAN outward.

Vicki came up to me after all of this and said she understood why I didn't exercise - I was working out at work!


Liana said...

And also, you have probably been kicked by a patient.

ER's Mom said...

More than once.
In the face, my knee when it was 2 weeks post-op (that hurt), my chest twice.

gexhouse2 said...

Is the bane of my existence. I hate call. I hate my phone. I hate my ringtone, which was the loudest one I could find (I'm a sound sleeper).