Monday, March 31, 2008


I was reading the internet this weekend while waiting for a delivery. And I can't link to it, because I can't remember how I got to the article (love clicking through links!), but there was an op-ed piece on Clinton and female support. The gist of the piece was that women should vote for her because she is a woman.


I am a woman. I even think of myself as a feminist. But I refuse to vote for someone JUST BECAUSE we share the same gender. Hell, feminism to me means that I DON'T take into account gender to make decisions. I don't care if a candidate for POTUS has a vagina or a penis. I don't care what color of skin s/he may have. I just care that I agree with their positions more than the other candidates.

You know, 40+ years ago, MLK dreamed a dream for his kids. I want my kids also to be judged for the depth of their character, not their external characteristics. I have a daughter and a son. And I hope that in the future, they are judged by their work.

Sadly, that day is not here yet. My daughter is growing up in a world that still is immersed in a double standard. It is better than in my grandmother's day. Hopefully it will be better someday. I will say, I am happy that I am seeing a time where serious candidates for POTUS reflect a wide variety of backgrounds, including the fact that Obama is the son of an immigrant from Kenya.

And for those who think all is hunky-dory, there's still underlying attitudes that women can't do things. I just have to think about the attending who told me to my face when I was a resident that women don't belong in operating rooms.

E&R's Mom

Saturday, March 15, 2008


Here's a reply to the hatred spewing idiot. Who says teens are apathetic? Good job, young man.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Why kids rock

1. I can watch Tom and Jerry without feeling guilty.
2. Snowball fights!
3. I get to reread the cool books from when I was a kid (we're working on a Wrinkle in Time right now...)
4. They give me an excuse to run through the sprinklers in the summer.
5. They give the best hugs and kisses.
6. They are an amazing amalgram of me and DH.