Sunday, March 30, 2014

Jinxing myself

I think ortho removed a certain magnet...this is kinda scary for my calls to be this q-word.

Not complaining.

Thursday, March 20, 2014


1. My daughter is turning into an absolutely lovely young lady. Inside and out. Last night, she was wearing just lip gloss and the wind caught her hair while we were taking a walk...Wow. I'm pretty sure I'm not ready for this. On the upside, she was asked to the spring dance and told the young guy no - stuff like that is not her thing.
2. Not drinking caffeine will cause me to hit a wall right around 2 pm. This sucks for the late afternoon patients.
3. Seeing the birth of your first child universally is amazing. Yesterday's dad spoke no English and I didn't speak his language (my patient is bilingual) but I could easily understand the tears that streamed down his face as he cut the cord while beaming.
4. I can't do it all...need to temporarily hire a housecleaner. I'm spending 4 days a week with my mom and 3 days a week at home. Balls that used to be up in the air are being dropped. My house is a disaster (by my standards).
5. 4 am is NOT an appropriate time to be awake and typing blog posts.
6. I had to laugh at my vet on Tuesday, as he was delayed because of an emergency. As I was leaving, he was apologizing left and right. I pointed out that I completely understood...
7. And my chow-chow looks at me as if saying "Just TRY to get me to take that pill!" I think she's more stubborn than me.
8. I haven't drunk Diet Coke since my surgery. Have switched over to water and tea. A first step towards getting healthier. My daughter wants us to join a yoga class. Maybe THIS will be the exercise that can't injure me.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Scheduling Rules

1. A new patient will NEVER be the first one in the morning or the last one of the day.
---Because they have a higher no-show rate than established patients.

2. 15 minute slots
---for most patients

3. Certain types of appointments get a 30 minute slot or barring that, block a 15 minute slot later in that same half day.
---Certain procedures we do take longer. Removing an Implanon, for example. Fitting a pessary. New patients. These take time.

4. Only 1 pessary FITTING per day. Any number of pessary rechecks allowed.
---Because we only have 1 fitting kit and it takes time to sterilize it between patients. My area of interest is prolapse, so I do most of the pessaries in the group.

5. No back to back paps.
---Not for me, they're easy for me. But it takes my M.A. time to deal with the paperwork associated with paps. Not having them back to back gives her some catch-up time.

6. I have a list of needier patients. They cannot be the last patient of the day.
---I'm selfish and just want to get home. So sue me.

7. Easy stuff (OBs and acute slots) only on my call days.
---Because if I get called out for a delivery, my partners can work them into their schedules. And I return the favor ("Hi! I'm not Dr XX, she's delivering someone...mind if I see you to help you avoid a wait?")

So when you call in and ask for a specific type of appointment, there may be a good reason as to why we can't see you for a few weeks. Please don't take it out on my awesome front staff.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


So I have a partner who is like my twin - we think alike and have the same general sensibility about the world. I love her to death.

The other day, a mutual acquaintance was texting her every 20-30 minutes or so. And my partner was getting really annoyed, because she doesn't really like this other person (I don't either). My partner was also on call that that night I texted her every 30 minutes or so just to bug her. Best part was when she had to run out of the shower only to see it was me. I even sent her a text saying "And you can't turn your phone off!"

I'm still waiting for my payback.