Tuesday, July 21, 2015

OK People

If you are going to wake me up at 3:56 am, it better be good.

NOT for pain that you've been having for a few weeks.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015


OK, 2015 should not be half-done.

I hate spontaneous abortions.

Especially as the last patient of the day.

I hate being a patient.

Especially since I know I'm a horrible one.

I love seeing the newborns at the 6 week postpartum visit.

I hate not having my usual m.a.

I'm honored that some people trust me with their feelings as much as they do.

I'm so not good at psych stuff.

We needed more training in residency.

Pregnancy is NOT a reason to be on bedrest.

Oh, don't you EVEN go there about me not knowing about working whilst in pain.

Trust me, I've worked through worse.

My partners are fucking nuts.

Seriously nuts.

I'm just as bad.

England was wonderful.

And yes, they spoke English.

Kids are tired of seeing ruined castles.

Why was I stupid enough to volunteer for another hospital committee?