Friday, June 19, 2015

Even on my days off...

So today I'm running errands before we leave for our family trip to London. I take my daughter to the orthodontist to recheck her retainer.

The tech, making small talk, asks my daughter if she had any plans for the summer.
"We're going to England tomorrow."
"Really? So do you speak the language?"


Saturday, June 6, 2015

Bang my head

Caller #1: Goes on and on and on about a nothing symptom - it's normal 3 days postpartum to bleed. I tell her this multiple times over the course of the 10 minute call. I finally hang up, since it's obvious she's not listening to a word I'm saying.

Caller #2: Diarrhea at 2 am is not an emergency, but take some Immodium.

Caller #3: Term pregnancy, thinks her water broke. Me: Go to OB. She then starts in on 50 million other symptoms. Me: Go to OB. She then tells me about her discharge. Me: GO TO OB. Her - well what if my water isn't broke? Me: Just go to OB.

I fucking hate call.