Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween 2011

Ready for trick-or-treating! Mom lays claim to all Reese's.   ;)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Growing too fast

The boy has lost 3 teeth in the last 2 weeks...where did my little baby go?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I'm a late convert, having finally joined a few months back...more so that I can keep up with former coworkers/friends.

But...BATSHIT FUCKING NUTZ patients are not going to get the OK to be my FB pal. Now, I do have some former patients as FB friends. But they are all level 1s (see this post) and some I knew as a person before she became my patient.

Last thing I need is a level 4 or 5 knowing personal info about me!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Anatomy fail

1. The ovary and the uterus are NOT the same.

2. No the baby will not come out of your anus. "You mean there are 4 holes?"
"Four?" I'm really confused.
"The pee-hole, the sex-hole, and the poop-hole. So the baby comes out the 4th hole?"
My cheeks that day were bitten raw to keep a straight face.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Med school memories

I have to get the previous post further down the page...hurts to see that picture.

Anyway, I got married on a Saturday. Started medical school on the following Monday...that's right less than 48 hours later. Oh, and we had to move into the apartment. And how was YOUR honeymoon?  ;)

So the first week is orientation. Meet people. Meet the gal who has become my BFF...we even did residency together. We were in each other's deliveries. We're godparents to each others' kids.

So the first week of honest to god classes, we get the stereotypical firehose. 4 hours of lecture in the am followed by 4 hours in anatomy lab in the pm. Unlike others in my class, I had prosected before...and had prepared by bringing an old T-shirt and a pair of sweats to leave permanently the locker room. I knew I would throw them out at the end of the lab class. Never brought them home. Always changed out of them ASAP after class.

So that first Monday after lab, I come waltzing into our apartment. I am still a newlywed and my sweetheart is standing at the door, waiting for me.  I go up to him, intending to kiss him when he wrinkles his nose and says "You stink."

From then on, I was to shower ASAP.

Friday, October 7, 2011

9+ years

Is not nearly long enough. Good-bye, Rip Van Winkle, our beloved black lab. You made life better for us. I will miss your enthusiasm for all things regarding food, squirrels, and tennis balls. I already miss those slobbery kisses that you gave unhesitatingly. I woke up this morning without you staring me in the face, which was different. We will never forget you. The overgrown galumpus, with a tail that was constantly wagging.

Someone once told me that there are happy labs and smart labs. You were by far the happiest dog I have ever had in my family. Many good memories of watching you run around, chasing the kids and being chased by them. Of the boy getting many french kisses from you...and going back for more. The girl, when she was just a toddler, watched the Kentucky Derby and tried to use you as a horse the next day. You didn't care, she was your buddy.

You and food! You learned pretty quickly after arriving at our house where the prime spot was at the dinner table...underneath the high chair! Cleaned up the carpet better than any vacuum. You were also known to grab at food left within reach...and your reach went pretty far. I think I'm still annoyed by the loaf of homemade bread you took from the counter as it was cooling.

All from a dog who wasn't supposed to be ours. When we went to the adoption fair after moving into our first house, I had told hubby "No puppies. I do NOT want to deal with puppy issues, I want a housetrained dog." While he filled out the paperwork to see if we were good enough for adoption, I took the girl (who was only 2 years old) down to look at dogs. "Puppy!" "There anudder PUPPY!" We stopped at a cage with 6 puppies...and the runt of the litter was placed into my arms. A little fluffball with a nose and ears sticking out of the fluff. And injuries from his big brothers and sisters that were infected so he was on topical antibiotics.  When hubby found us, he saw me cooing over you. "Honey, we found our dog!" You know, 9 years later, he is still laughing at me for that one.

You are loved. You are missed Rip.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


State medical board of my great state for sending me 2 letters of renewal today.

Thank-you for wasting my tax dollars. I'm planning on only renewing once.

Awesome (or awful) ad

So last weekend, I was watching Comedy Central with DH. Weird Al was on! Then they showed Jeff Dunham's latest stand-up show. It was in the middle of this show that we came upon the awfulest awesomest TV ad ever. Marvel in the glory...especially around the 1:15 mark.

A backhatch? How AWESOME IS THAT?!?!?!?!?!? God, we were crying by the time this commercial ended.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Book Review

Now that I'm not working, I have time to (gasp) read for fun. It's been a long time coming.

And I have taken advantage of it. One book that I read recently is In Stitches by Anthony Youn, MD.

Autobiographies are a difficult thing to write. You want to be thoughtful, entertaining, yet true to your past - which is not an easy balance of things to do. And Dr. Youn manages. His is a story that many people can relate to - the need to simultaneously honor and escape your past, the need to excel and the work involved in doing so. He is honest enough to admit his flaws, again not an easy thing to do.

Doctors will smile as his wit draws pictures of med school that others will swear are exaggerated, but we know are not.  We all have his Nancy in our memories.

He evokes growing up in small-town Western Michigan well. And as an MSU grad, I loved the memories of E. Lansing...although I tended to hang out at Harrison's Roadhouse instead of USA Cafe.  ;)

And we can all enjoy his growth from boy to man. It is an honor to share in that journey. Read this book!