Monday, January 31, 2011


I'm on a kick of pushing with patients for hours (5 - yes FIVE - in one case) only to end up calling a section for arrest of descent.

And yes, I've done everything I know to get babies to descend - position changes, laboring down, etc.


And now the heads are well wedged into the bony pelvis too, making getting the kids up and out not fun either.


Sunday, January 23, 2011

It's a rough life

Here are my two mutts, in a typical day.

Man, I wish I was a dog. :)

Part 2, mouths of babes

So we're watching iCarly on Nick when a commercial for the movie Secretariat comes on. My kids loved that movie and my daughter started whining that she wanted it.

Now, we're a little bit behind technologically speaking. We don't have an HD TV or a blu-ray player. We just got a Wii at Christmas. We do have a combo DVD-VHS player. The commercial specifically said the movie was coming out on blu-ray.

The boy looks at his sister and says "We don't have blu-ray. We have yellow-ray."

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Out of the mouths of babes...

So my son has chapped lips and was complaining last night. I told him that after supper, I would put some Vasoline on it.

"Gasoline? Why gasoline?"

The rest of us were cracking up.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

700 Club!

I'm now a member! The 700 gram vaginal hysterectomy club - which is a very large uterus indeed - the average uterus is around 50 g give or take.

I'm aiming for the kilo club...5 years out from residency and getting better and braver with every difficult surgery. But it also comes from having good assistants - I had my favorite first assist and an excellent scrub tech. Both of whom could anticipate what I was thinking (other than the typical #$%^&&$%#$#). I had said pre-op to the first assist "We'll just go slow and steady and know our's going to be a bitch of a case." Now, normally, I'm a fast surgeon. I know that the surgery desk sorta counts on my room being the add-on room on Wednesdays, since I usually finish ahead of schedule. But yesterday, I finished right on time (my first case was done an hour faster than expected, but this case took an hour longer than booked). But surgery done right is better than surgery done fast (both is best).

We ended up with a completely detached uterus that would not fit through the vaginal incision. We spent more time removing fibroids and cutting the uterus into pieces that would fit than we did actually detaching the stupid thing!

It's one of those cases where you hate yourself in the middle of the case (WHY did I schedule this one like this?) only to feel really good afterwards.

Saturday, January 8, 2011


My family has exquisite timing. Always have. My mom knows just when I've jumped in the tub so she can call then. My sister can sense when my head hits the pillow and then calls. You get the idea.

I had NO IDEA that our ER doc is related to me! She called last night just as I sat down on the toilet.