Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 in review

Only a few hours left in the year. Time to reflect, meditate, grow.

Has not been a good year. I tried to write my annual Christmas was a real downer so I didn't print it out to include in the cards I sent out.

I am grateful for a wonderful husband. He and I are opposites in personality, but we mesh well together. He has truly lived up to his vows 11 years ago and I love him all the more for that. He is my best friend and we make the other better.

I love my two kids. I am blessed with healthy kids. They are great fun to be with. Parenting truly is my hardest and most important job.

I have terrific friends. Went out last night karokeing with several. They are great for venting upon and making me laugh when I need it.

I do love my job. I can't imagine doing anything in medicine other than OB-Gyn. It's just who I am. I am grateful that the hospital supports the clinic so I can focus on the medicine part.

I have a roof over my head, food in my pantry, the ability to walk without crutches, and dogs running underfoot. I need to stop being such an Eeyore and focus on what's right, instead of what's not.

May all of you have a healthy and happy 2010.


Grumpy, M.D. said...

And you. A better year to come for all of us.

WarmSocks said...

Happy New Year to you. May 2010 be infinitely better than the abysmal year we are leaving behind.

Estelle said...

Happy New Year, doll.
Let's put 2009 to bed.

student dr. blaze said...

It's hard to find balance between having suffered a crappy year and being thankful for what is good, isn't it? Hopefully, this arbitrary mark in time change will bring us all some happier days. I'll keep my fingers crossed! :-)

atcsandra said...

I did the same thing. I wrote a letter about this year and did not mail it.

student dr blaze - yes, this is an arbitrary time change but it's still quite functional as a "do over." It gives us permission to dump all the things we are doing that are not working and start over.

I hope everyone (including me!) has a better 2010.


rlbates said...

Happy New Year!

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Grumpy, M.D. said...

Unrelated, but you may want to check out my post from 1-4-10 called OMG!. I got all kinds of OB/GYN comedy in the comments.