Friday, December 18, 2009

More crappiness

So Mom was scheduled for surgery earlier this month. It got postponed due to scheduling issues with the surgeon until today. Fine, whatever. I can understand.

So she does the Mag Citrate prep yesterday for surgery today. She is scheduled to be the 1 pm case. I manage to get coverage and my sister, BIL, DH, and me are all there for the 12:30 I remark that since she's not in pre-op yet, there's no way it's running on time. At 2:30, we ask why she isn't in pre-op yet and are told that her case is now scheduled for 4:50 pm. At 3:15, we find out the surgeon has canceled it due to the previous case is still going on and he doesn't know how much longer it will take. It is rescheduled for next week Tuesday...I'm on call and doubt that I can arrange coverage on such short notice. DH is on winter break and will be there, but the rest of us have to work.

She will be in-house over the holiday...assuming it goes THIS time. I am on call for Christmas weekend.



Grumpy, M.D. said...


I hope she does okay.


student dr. blaze said...

That sucks. I feel for her--mag citrate prep is horrid enough once...but having to do it 2x in a month? Not good. I hope her/your luck improves soon.

Best wishes,