Sunday, March 1, 2009



The chick from last night called again, thinking she's in labor. Not happy with my answer, she proceeded to call L&D to ask for advice. I found out when they called me about another outpatient. The night shift charge nurse was laughing as she told me about the phone call. Evidently, she's not too happy with me. Oh, well.

The charge nurse had had her as an outpatient last night...and this patient told her that "Of course, the doctor said she would start pitocin." WTF? On a Saturday night? When you are a patient of the practice that I'm cross-covering and I don't know a thing about you other than you're 37 weeks and a pain in my ass? And I repeat, inducing someone on a Saturday NIGHT? Are you kidding me?

I have a feeling I'll get paged at some ungodly hour about her. Yes, she's uncomfortable. Yes, quite frankly, it SUCKS big time to be late-stage in a pregnancy. But so what? You are PREGNANT!!!!!

After writing the above, I just got paged about her. She's still 1, thick, posterior and now discharged back to home pissed off at me, saying that I don't know jack-shit and asking to speak to her doc. Bite me.

Why did I do this again?

Still not a reason to induce. Suck it up.

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MNRN said...

I had a patient who didn't want me to be her nurse last week, because apparently when she came in a couple of weeks ago, I gave her Vistaril. And she seems to think that I stopped her labor. Yeah, because I have magical powers.