Thursday, May 15, 2014


One of my dearest friends texted me recently. Her mother died after being in Hospice for a few weeks. My partner's dad just died. On Facebook, announcements of various teachers' obits are a regular on my newsfeed. I'm waiting for my mother to finally pass.

That's what being a 40-something is. We're staring at the realization that soon we'll be the oldest in the family. That we can't ask those ahead of us what to do. I look through our wedding album, only to realize that quite a few are now gone. Aunts, uncles, family friends. The giants from the past now exist only in our mind.

If that's being a grown up, take me back.


Lisa said...

I went to my cousin's funeral last spring and was shocked by the state of my family. We were 56first cousins and full of mischief and now there was only one Aunt, and not the mother of the disceased cousin, and 12 cousins left. Many of us were needing assistence walking. All of us were gray. It was very sobering. Yes, take me back too so I could so much more appreciate what we once had.

Unknown said...

This is indeed sobering. I will appreciate my youth more.