Monday, November 3, 2014

1 week out

Saw my foot for the first is literally twice the size it normally is, with a ton of swelling. Still has the orange dye from the hibiclens scrub all over, since it is in a dressing. It was put back into a new dressing without a wash. Reminds me of the Oompa-Loompas from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Ortho was pleased - "It looks great!" Three incisions about my ankle. He said that it was a mess in there.

Tried to go yesterday without the percocet. Will not make that mistake again, as sleep was elusive. I hate using it!

It's a production to get out of bed, shower, and get dressed. Which is why I've only done it twice since surgery. But I have got to go into work today to sign up for my bennies for next year and to talk to administration. Plus see people. I'm not lonely, but I miss talking to people.

Am arguing with our office manager - my schedule on the day I come back is very light. I'm telling her to open it up, that I can see a full load of patients that day. She's refusing, saying that she wants to ensure I'm OK. UGH! What's worse is I told her to look out for me, since I know I'll push myself too much, so I can't even get mad at her! (as if I would, she's one of my dearest friends here) She's also trying to take me off of call the second week I get back, which I'm not letting her do. She is as stubborn as me.

Doctors are horrible patients.


NurseJannie said...

When one of our Doc's brokke his hip of we ( the nurses and staff from our ward) sent flowers to ortho - AND candy for the nurses caring for him. Cause we knew he would be a HORRIBLE patient :-).

Hope you feel better son, Doc ;-). Hugs and love from Copenhagen, Denmark :-)

ER's Mom said...


And good job on sending the care package to the team caring for your doc!