Sunday, August 9, 2009

4 years

Since my father slipped away. He lived 9 months after his diagnosis with stage 4 small cell of the lung. DONT'T SMOKE!!!!!

Egads, I'm getting morbid lately. Life is seeming to be so grossly unfair! The sad thing is, as much as work is sucking and blowing lately, it's at least a relief from the disaster known as my family.

Mom got readmitted Friday night. I had driven home to Michigan. Arrived late Friday afternoon to her house. By 10 pm, we were in the ER. She then got transferred to Mecca. I drove the 3+ hours to get there and spent the rest of my weekend there.

Emily's family lives in Meccatown, so we were together. No one was particularly happy. I imposed upon them (I'm SO SORRY!) so I could sleep last night in a bed and shower this morning. Funeral arrangements are still cousin is trying to decide between lots of options. I don't know how she does it - just the grace and composure. I would have totally have lost it by now if I was her. I need to aim to be like her. I am in awe.

Please, kiss your kids.


thegooddrlaura said...

My heart goes out to you in these difficult times.

rlbates said...

ditto, what thegooddrlaura said. {{hugs}}