Sunday, August 16, 2009

More on small town living

So the big county fair is this weekend. We went last night for the big fireworks display. Ran into one of my dearest friends while wandering the concourse. She had already staked out an awesome spot and invited my gang to sit with her and her extended family. We accepted.

Ate good bad food - DD and I had ribs from someone who had a ton of trophies from various competitions. They were good. Kids (mine and hers) rode the rides on the midway. Why does lemonade from a carnival taste better than what I make?

My friend and I wandered away from the group after we had settled back to our seats - a terrible mothering tragedy, the balloons sailed away after multiple kids let go. So we were on a mission to get more balloons. Every minute, I ran into someone I knew - patients, my hairdresser, nurses, office folks at the clinic. I'm admiring babies ad nauseum. And that's just how a small town is. You are never alone.

Oh, and I never saw the fireworks. I got called to L&D 5 minutes before they started. :( Someone arrived complete and ready to push. Second year in a row that has happened to me!

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Grumpy, M.D. said...

But it still sounds nice.

On July 4th we drove up to a small town where my parents have a summer house, and went to their July 4th carnival. It was like what you describe, except nobody recognized me. We had so much fun we'll likely do it again next year.