Wednesday, August 12, 2009


As much as I bitch and moan about the great unwashed folks, you REALLY do NOT need to put glitter on your hooha before your annual pap smear.

It sparkled when I turned on my lamp, like a disco ball.

I drew blood from my tongue to keep from laughing. I swear, I should win an Oscar for the acting I do at work, keeping a straight face.


hablar said...


Is there some problem with just calling it a "Vagina".. At least even Oprah manages to get the first letter right.. "VeeJayJay".. Geez, and you're a Doctor!


Grumpy, M.D. said...

Wow! I guess she just wanted to dress up for the doctor.

And "hoohah" is a medical term!

ER's Mom said...

Duncan, get a grip. I use the word vagina all the freakin' time. My kids use the correct terms for their anatomy. My daughter last year got cut off in show-and-tell for being, um, a bit graphic.

Vagina, for this post was too clinical. Hooha is a much more appropriate term for the feeling that I was trying to convey. Especially about this patient...for reasons I am not divulging for her privacy.

And I HATE the term Vah-jay-jay. It sounds moronic.

Hmm, a post idea is coming up - slang terms...believe me, I know a lot of them.

ER's Mom said...

And Duncan, vagina would have been incorrect...vulva would be the correct anatomic location.

Although glitter in the vagina...there's a comedy routine in there somewhere, I can feel it.

Grumpy, M.D. said...

But a disco ball in the hooha is so 70's! Maybe she needs a fog machine, too. And Gardnerella wearing bell bottoms.

thegooddrlaura said...

hysterical post. too bad duncan had to fk it up with serious vagina talk. Patients will decline a pelvic exam if they haven't showered, but I've never seen hooha glitter. Maybe your patients like you better than mine like me!

p.s. I like your blog but I gotta disagree wichu on 1 ting. I like the term vajayjay. It's funny. Yay for vajayjay and for not taking the perineal neighborhood too seriously.

Mathi Bear said...

This reminded me of something I had read so I looked it up and figured you would enjoy the link.

You can now correct them :)

Ron said...

Maybe she thought it was a magical place... HooHah Land. Where dreams come true (Not mine, but other people's I'm sure.)

Glitter makeup sucks. Dr. Grumpy sent me by here after my rant about kids wearing it.