Saturday, August 29, 2009


My new range has been delivered and installed.

5 burners, baby!

The blueberry pie that caused the previous oven's downfall has been baked and is cooling as I type.

Whipping cream is in the fridge, ready to be whipped.

All is right with my kitchen...

Chocolate chip cookies are on the agenda for tomorrow.


Grumpy, M.D. said...

Oh, that sounds good. Wish I could bring my tribe over for desert!

We just do the cookie dough from Costco. My kids are growing up thinking that baking cookies means scooping dough out of the plastic thing and putting it in the oven.

Grumpy, M.D. said...

On an unrelated note from your other comment (you don't have a generic email address listed, or I'd have written to that) the OCP and migraine issue has never phased me. I know this is controversial, but in my experience seems more theoretical then real.

I've seen 5 strokes in my 11 years of practice that I can (by process of exclusion) blame on OCP's. Only one of them had migraines.

It's a tough issue, though, and I don't believe we have all the data yet. I suspect there will turn out to be a (currently unidentified) genetic factor that puts some migraineurs at higher risk of stroke, and avoiding the OCPs in those patients will be key.

How this all plays out with triptans in the mix I have now idea. The next generation of migraine drugs (the CGRP inhibitors) will likely not have the vascular issues of migraines.

Anyway, feel free to delete this comment if you wish, I know it has nothing to do with your post, but it's an interesting subject to neuro geeks like me. If you want to discuss it more, my email is over on my page.

thegooddrlaura said...

I'm jealous of your kitchen. Good for you!