Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thoughts on being a doctor

So Duncan recently commented along the lines "But you're a doctor."

Yes. I am. And a damn good one.

But I am so many other things than just a doctor. I'm a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, dog-lover, pianist, cross-stitcher, trivial pursuit player, avid reader, gardener. I love to cook and make (without help) huge holiday meals for 15+ people. I am a lousy hausfrau, but hubby overlooks that.

I don't look the part of a doctor. I don't own a white coat. I drive a beat-up sedan that has seen better days. I round in jeans and t-shirts. Most of my co-workers have never seen me wear a dress. My purse cost $10 at the mall. I finally bought a new winter coat last year - after my old one bit the dust (I had that one for 18 years). I drink cheap wine and expensive beer.

I cuss like a sailor. But not in front of my kids or my mother-in-law. I give hugs after every delivery and many office visits. I ask my waitress how she's doing (since she is my patient)...and ask about her kids by name.

And I am just as much of a doctor as the stuffy old guys in a white coat.

I am secure enough now in myself to be true to my authentic self. I won't conform to what you think I should be. And I hope to pass that onto my kids.


Grumpy, M.D. said...

I swear a lot, to the horror and amusement of my office staff, hospital staff, and patients.

What I wear year-round could best be described as "resort casual". I've gotten 5 complaints about it in 3 years, and don't care. Go find another neurologist.

And like you say, I am as much a doctor as Stuffy, M.D.

I am a person first, and doc second. And will always be.

thegooddrlaura said...

You sound like a pretty normal doctor to me. Maybe it's where I work (urban community health center) but most of our docs are driving 10 yr old toyotas and wearing jeans. It's what's in the head and the heart that matter, not how closely we resemble Marcus Welby. Keep up the good work, goddammit. =)

The Bus Driver said...

As a patient, I'd much rather a doctor who is comfortable wearing what they want instead of the white coat and the whole stuffy attitude about omgzorz i'm a doctor lolz.

I'm more inclined to return to a doctor who is more casual in dress and demeanor and who treats me as a human being rather than just another number.