Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Busy night

Had nearly every form of labor last night. Several spontaneous. One being induced. Some ended up augmented. Some with, others without epidurals. Multiple positions for pushing.

It was like running a class in various forms of labor. ;) And best of all, a 100% SVD rate, with only 1 person needing stitches.

Quote of the call, from the mother of the patient, who was laboring completely naturally, no pit, no epidural. "Don't you want to push her when she's on her back?"

Favorite L&D nurse - "Why? She's doing awesome as is." (she was curled up in a fetal position, right side down - second patient this week who wanted that position)

After delivery, new grandma "I didn't know that you could push in positions other than on your back!"

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Nectarine said...

Sounds like a good night too.
Re: pushy grandma
It's amazing how much information people lack about different ways to labour. Our bodies were made for this, a lot of times they know what to do!