Friday, May 7, 2010

Very thorough radiologist

Got a CT report back.

In it, the radiologist notes "Tampon in place."

Thanks. I REALLY needed to know that.


Grumpy, M.D. said...

Well, as opposed to out of place. If it showed up on one of my head CT's, it might be important to know that.

That's MLS(ASCP)CM to you baby! said...

My own radiologist story... I had an upper GI over a decade ago, when I was having abdominal pain (wound up being gallstones). Anyway, I had my nipples pierced, and the radiologist reported that I had "metal rings protruding bilaterally from the chest."
Whoops. Didn't realize back then that those would show up!

rlbates said...


marryme said...

I shall remember not to use tampons if I have a CT scan. Presumably he would have commented on a moon cup, diapharm or cervical cap too! You would then at least know if your patient had had sex lol

marryme said...

One more thought this radiologist could use his expertise to locate lost condoms too lol