Saturday, October 10, 2009


Oral phenergan plus Percocet = one knocked out doctor. But at least nothing's coming back up. DH is starting to hound me about drinking, since I haven't been doing much of that (it keeps coming back up!).

I honestly do not understand the appeal of narcotics. Yes, they take away the pain, but dear god, I'm dizzy, light-headed and loopy on it. Plus I'm sure it's adding to my nausea woes. I'm weaning myself starting today, I hope. It still hurts more than I would like.

Took off the wrap this morning - he had my leg wrapped from upper thigh to mid-foot with an ace wrap. Incisions look fine, knee is very swollen.

Going back to bed now.


thegooddrlaura said...

I've never taken Phenergan or Percocet, but the combination sounds terrible.

ER's Mom said...

Well, it's doing what needs to be done - decrease pain and nausea.

It's also knocking me out for hours at a time, proving that I'm a lightweight at best.

Grumpy, M.D. said...

I've been on both here and there. Like you said, they do the job. Just have to sleep them off.

rlbates said...

I don't do well with narcotics either -- the nausea and dizziness. After my TAH&BSO I took Toradol with great results! No nausea, great pain relief. Take care.

operating room confidential M.D. said...

Hope your feeling well.

Just some points that may help if you ever have to have surgery again (hopefully never again!!):

-You can safely have black coffee up to 3 hours prior to surgery (avoid that caffeine withdrawl headache--I suffer from them too..what a drag)
-Certain cox-2 drugs are OK before surgery, so you can take these in the days before your surgery... you don't need to suffer! And they will really help decrease post operative pain as well.
-a small dose of dexamethsone given by the anesthetist during surgery will decrease post op pain and will decrease nausea as well
-make sure you get zofran intra-op as well to control nausea
As an anesthetist (you probably figured this out)who likes to practice pre-emptive anesthesia, these are definitely what I would want.

By the way, you've got nice blog

ER's Mom said...

Got Zofran intra-op. :( Will ask for a scop patch next time (if there is a next time).

Our gas passers here are draconian, so no anything for elective surgeries (and my knee was totally elective). They will cancel the case. I considered brewing a pot o'joe around 1 am...probably should have done that.

I hate being on this side!