Wednesday, October 21, 2009


My shoulders and upper back are getting the work-out from the crutches. To go long distances quickly, I don't weight bear, but instead swing along on the crutches. I'm paying for that.

Had my first surgery today. Got a lot of ribbing from everyone. When they saw me swing in on the crutches, they understood why I asked for a specific assist...he's fast and good and that allows me to scrub out fast and sit down. Plus he's a joker and it's fun to spar in the OR with him. He's like the obnoxious older brother who is always teasing you. Today he was alternating between calling me "Doc" (his usual name for me) and "Gimpy".

Leg is much more swollen and painful today. Yesterday was not the best way to ease back into work. Operating today wasn't a good idea either, but I had to add in this case.

Tonight is shaping up as outpatient hell. At least so far, I don't have to go in, although I may want to rethink typing that. If you are pregnant and have been bleeding FOR DAYS, why pick nighttime to go in? And why do you think that I will bump up your section if you go in AGAIN (5th time since Saturday and 10th time this month) for "Abdominal pain?" And why, if your doctor works out of hospital B exclusively AND YOU KNOW THIS do you come to our hospital for evaluation? I'm covering call for the doc o'month until he comes back into town. I hate no doc call.

And so life goes on...


Grumpy, M.D. said...

Not easy, gimpy.

Kind of sounds like Grumpy.

I'd go in and sleep in the call room. At least then you won't hurt the knee rushing to drive in.

I always suspect that when I'm on call the hospital puts up a sign that says "Dr. Grumpy on call- summoning all morons"

ER's Mom said...

I do sleep frequently in the OB doc call room. The problem is that I'm on call continuously until Monday 5 pm.

It continued to be outpatient hell. I finally got out of bed at 4 today, after the kajillionth stupid call.

Evidently I'm expected to have ESP and tell if they are in labor or not.

rlbates said...

Wishing you well.

Grumpy, M.D. said...

That sucks.

Here the "emergency" neurologist changes at 24 hour intervals, though I suspect you're in a much smaller area.

ABC said...

I was on crutches for almost 3 months once, and after about the 3rd day my shoulders and my ribs were KILLING me from the crutches. My doctor said "suck it up", but the physical therapist offered me forearm crutches. If you're not using forearm crutches, give them a try - made a world of difference for me.

Be forewarned though, people may start calling you tiny Tim (I'm not a girl, and people still called me Tim), but the next thing they'll do is ask to try out your fancy crutches.

ER's Mom said...

Yeah, our department changes no doc call monthly. General surgery changes daily. Don't know about other services.

My months were March and July, neither one of which was horrendous.

Might ask PT about the forearm crutches, because you're right, my armpits and hands are killing me right now.